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RV Safety Information

RVSEF is dedicated to providing professional and objective RV education with a focus on consumer safety and lifestyle enhancement. The RV Safety & Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization with its principal place of business in Merritt Island, Florida. It is dedicated to the improvement of recreation vehicle safety, with a focus on consumer education. More information and videos here:


Uber or Lyft? You may not be insured.  Find out more and enter to win $50 in FREE gas!  read for more details. Are you an Uber or Lyft driver?  Fun isn't it!  Did you know that you are not covered by insurance while you are on the clock driving? Whether you do it for spare cash, or as a career, it is all for not [...]

The American Promise

Bring democracy to life with The American Promise. Whether you're an educator or just want to know more about the history and makings of the government in the United States, this video will help you learn more. The American Promise brings democracy to life in the classroom by presenting students with real-world scenarios in which the democratic system had to be applied. These four segments [...]

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things is a motivational music video (about 4 minutes in length) showcasing everyday people who have accomplished great things and made a difference internationally. Figures such as Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and J.K. Rowling are highlighted in this documentary. Like all of Farmers education programs, please contact me to get a free copy of this DVD.

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